MSU Spirit Groups - Pom Squad

Pom Squad

The MSU Pom Squad consist of 20 dancers. Each member receives a per semester scholarship and is provided camp clothes, camp fees, uniforms, and travel expenses. Although the squad is a competitive team, Mississippi State's Spirit Groups first obligation is to our university. The Pom Squad participates in football games, men's and women's home basketball games, tournaments, as well as fund-raising events, alumni appearances, and squad clinics.

2017-2018 Pom Squad Roster

Row 1

Row 2

Row 3


Participants attending the recruiting weekend tryouts for MSU Pom Squad should have the following:

Tryouts consist of Jazz, Pom and Hip Hop technique

Requested Technique

Jazz Technique

Optional Jazz Skills- quad pirouette, combination fouettes, illusion, scorpion, front/back walkover, switch tilt, etc.

Hip Hop Technique

For more information, contact Melissa Nichols at 662-325-0350 or e-mail

Fight Song